Deep in the futuristic Seattle of the 2070’s, somewhere between the dregs of society and their corporate overlords, lurk Shadowrunners. Criminals, freedom fighters, con artists, vigilantes, mercenaries – Shadowrunners exist outside the system, yet are deeply intertwined in its machinations.

Whether you’re fighting the system, chasing the big payoff, or just trying to make your way, you can find a career running the shadows, assuming you have the stomach for it, the skills, and don’t mind the lack of retirement benefits. Anyone with connections can try their hand and maybe make some nuyen, though most end up on a slab or at the bottom of Puget Sound. There are scarier things than monsters in the dark, and sometimes death isn’t the worst that can happen. Just remember to geek the mage first, never trust Mr. Johnson, and never, ever, make a deal with a dragon.


Running in the Dark

glennjermin stuh42l